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April is FREE Demo Class Month at Fitness, Friends and Fun in Berea, KY. Classes are Monday and Thursday at 10:30 am and Wednesday evening at 6 pm

If you want to book a class at your gym, call Veronica at 606-264-0012!

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Buti Fitness

Shake That!

You may think it's tough to get calorie-crushing cardio, major muscle sculpting and Cirque du Soleil–like flexibility all in the same sweat session. Well, you haven't tried Buti. Yet. This fun new workout, which trainer Bizzie Gold of Los Angeles created, is 60 minutes of nonstop plyometrics (a fancy way of saying explosive jumping moves), tribal dance and yoga. So basically, it's om meets OMG.

Buti Fitness is now exclusively offered at Fitness, Friends and Fun in Berea KY! Come in and see what all the celebs are raving about! 859-985-2584 or

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